Take Advantage of Our Glass Replacement, Repair, and Installation Service

Perhaps your windows have been damaged by strong winds and you need to install a house window replacement glass. Or maybe you’d like to have a glass table top that will jazz up your dining table. Either way, Lebanon Glass Inc. - Bristol is here to help you! We offer professional glass services in Bristol, VA, including the following:

Glass repair

Glass surfaces can get cracked, dented, or scratched when exposed to impact. Fortunately, many of these defects can be easily repaired by experts like us. We use modern tools to remove surface defects and make your glass surfaces look like new.

Custom Shower Doors

Custom Shower Doors

Glass replacement

If your glass surfaces are too damaged to fix, we’ll recommend a complete glass replacement. Don’t worry since we’ll handle the entire process! We use high-quality glass to replace the damaged panels, and we’ll ensure they’re properly installed.

Custom shower doors

Having custom showers can brighten up your bathroom and make it more attractive. Contact us so we can help you create customized shower doors and enclosures!

Custom table tops

We specialize in creating custom table tops in various shapes and sizes. We use state-of-the-art glass cutting that allows us to bring any design to life.


Need mirrors for your bathroom or bedroom? Give us a call and we’ll provide you with elegant and world-class mirrors!

Antique car windows

We work with car enthusiasts who are restoring vintage vehicles and need antique car glass for the windows. Contact us to know more about our car window solutions!

Storefront framing

If you’d like to install a glass storefront, you need to have a sturdy frame first. There’s no need to fret, though, since we can assist you with building a durable and long-lasting storefront framing.

Storefront repair

Does your glass storefront look the worse for wear? If it does, call us and we’ll take care of your storefront repairs!

If you need help with glass repairs or replacement, or if you want to have custom shower doors and mirrors, Lebanon Glass Inc. - Bristol should be your first port of call. Dial (276) 221-0176 now to learn more about our glass solutions in Bristol, VA and Wyndale, VA;Ketron, VA;Mendota, VA;Walnut Hill, TN;Gray Acres , TN;!